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North Lilies on Sale


Last weekend I gave some plants to Grampian and Tayside Plant Heritage Group for their Plant Sale in May. I included the 'Rosie North' and 'Orestes' from my collection of North Lilies. Due to their rarity, the committe have decided to charge £20 per bulb. For more information, visit the Plant Heritage website.

Endangered Plant Species


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Plant Heritage - Success

DSC07927Plant Heritage 35th anniversary held at Parkhead Gardens in the article Plant heritage success



National Collection

As the tail-enders come into flower, seeing Marie North (named after Dr, C. North’s wife) open out her tepals, reminds me why I fell under the spell of Mylnefield Lilies, as she has to be one of the finest ladies.

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July - Gardening in Summer

The weather in Scotland continues to be terrible as it is for the rest of Britain. Parkhead Gardens has plenty of growth and the flowers are almost there but they are but finding it difficult to open, so unfortunately some are just rotting.

We do have many successes, so once again a pictorial overview of what has been flowering in the garden.

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The Sunday Post article - Grub versus Shrub

Sunday-Post-Parkhead-Gardens-articleParkhead Gardens makes The Sunday Post in an article about a survey conducted by the Horticultural Trades Association where gardeners north of the border are turning their garden borders over to decorative plants rather than vegetables.

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The Honey Bees arrive at Parkhead Gardens

parkhead-gardens-honey-beesAt last! The honey bees are here and are settling into life at Parkhead Gardens.

I'm now spending more time bee-watching than gardening.


June - Parkhead Gardens in pictures

We have just had a heat wave and for the first time this year I was gardening wearing a sun hat! Unfortunately, the sunny spell only lasted for a few days and we are back to cool, wet weather. Maybe the forecast will come true and the promise of sun will return soon...please!

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The Value of the Humble Honey Bee

bombus.subterraneus.-.lindseyThe Humble Honey Bee is a familiar sight in a flowering garden, but have you given any thought to its economical value and not just the obvious environmental benefits the bee brings to a garden in the pollination of plants?

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May - Colourful Tulips, Bluebells and Poppies

himalayan blue poppy meconopsis

I write this on the eve of May 1st in the fervent hope that it ceases to rain and it gets warmer. April turned out to be a bit of a disaster. March had been so warm and dry the plants were well ahead, had put on plenty of new growth and many were flowering to perfection. Then the snow fell, but what really did for them was the frost that followed.

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April - Great British Weather

433px-fritillaria meleagris lj barje2

This morning we woke to a 'whiteout' having had overnight snow showers. The snow slowly melted but the daffodils and other flowers have been knocked down and the very strong, cold winds are not helping. The temperature has gone from a very pleasant 22° to a very cold 3°...oh the joys of the great British weather.

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Bees Bees Bees

parkhead-beekeeperAs you may know from the latest March entry of my Parkhead Gardens blog, I have been attending a Beekeepers course.

I found this great article from the Telegragh the other day titled "10 tips for lovers of bees".

It gives 10 pratical and informative ways to encourage bees into your garden.


March - Spring into action

As we move into March the spring temperatures rise (we hope),  the daylight hours increase and so the spring tasks in the garden step up a gear.
I have managed to do much of the pruning and all the clematis have been cleared up, tied in and fed.

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February - Planting Clematis

Clematis Florida - Parkhead Gardens Perthshire Scotland

This month at Parkhead Gardens I'm waiting on a delivery of 14 clematis plants from Taylors Clematis Nursery.

I will keep some in the greenhouse as they will be planted along side my climbing roses on the new fence in the side garden. The other clematis will go in various spots in the garden as soon as possible.

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Parkhead Gardens Survive Hurricane Winds

parkhead-gardens-800x600-holly.jpgAfter the battering Scotland got from the January 3rd 2012 hurricane winds (recorded up to 105mph), Parkhead Gardens got off lightly.

Apart from a few pots being blown over, we are happy to report no lasting damage was done and we look forward to the season ahead.

Some areas did not fair so well -  read this article from the Royal Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh


As seen on BBC TV - Beechgrove Garden

BBC One Beechgrove Gardens Episode 15 saw the Beechgrove Garden crew visit Parkhead Gardens.


Carole Baxter visited this amazing garden and was treated to the rare collection of breathtaking Mylnefield Lilies - delicate flowers with various intricate formations and hues ranging from gold and red through orange and yellow to speckled cream.

January - Pruning

Wisteria Floribunda - Parkhead Gardens Perthshire Scotland

At the moment, the ground is frozen and it's far too cold to be in the garden but I did manage to get out yesterday and prune all the Wisterias.

I have six Wisterias in the garden, one of which is a stunning white colour that is late flowering and it needs major work due to its maturity and coverage over the pergola in the side garden. The other Wisterias are still young plants, three of which are the usual shades of blue, one Floribunda 'Rosea' Pink and lastly the 'Black Dragon', a double with dark purple flowers. The 'Black Dragon' was only put in last year so has yet to flower.

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Reopens in May 2012


Parkhead Gardens in Perthshire is currently closed for garden tours and will reopen on May 1st 2012.


Parkhead Gardens can be seen listed on the Scottish Garden Scheme website and also through the international garden website


You can book a Perthshire garden tour with us by submitting this form or calling us direct on +44(0)1738 625983.