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July - Gardening in Summer

The weather in Scotland continues to be terrible as it is for the rest of Britain. Parkhead Gardens has plenty of growth and the flowers are almost there but they are but finding it difficult to open, so unfortunately some are just rotting.

We do have many successes, so once again a pictorial overview of what has been flowering in the garden.



Sunbathing frogs with The Geranium's (crainsbill) Gxcantabrigiense in the foreground. The bees love the Geraniums but they need to be quick, as frogs are rather partial to bees!


Nigella, also known as Devil-in-the-bush, and Love-in-the-mist is a hardy annual which may self seed.



Clematis 'Marjorie' a macropetala type, intertwined with a rambling rose has been much admired by visitors to Parkhead Gardens.

Last year for the first time I tried a Clematis in a container as many are grown specifically for that purpose.

'Fleuri ' has been very successful. The trick is to keep it well watered and as the flowers fade, dead head them to encourage more growth.


The Paeonia's have been hit or miss with many of the flowers going mouldy before they could open. The single flowers were the most successful as seen in this 'Coral Charm'.

It has taken me a while to find the right places for them to grow; plenty of sun, water well in dry conditions, do not plant too deep and keep them well fed.

This is a most beautiful lily, Lilium Monodelphum.



The National Collection is about to burst into action.

This is 'Odysseus', the first to flower on 26th June...

...followed by 'Chris North'.


'Karen North', has started to open her petals today, 5th July, so if the weather settles down the next few weeks should see them all coming into flower.



Parkhead-Gardens-July-blog-honey-beesI put on my suit this afternoon and went to see what the bees had been up to. They appear to be doing what is expected of them, building up their stores for the winter.

I saw the Queen bee and plenty of happy bees.


To my delight I observed a bee dance; a bee with an audience, wiggling about and telling them that good forage is had 'in this direction'...amazing!!