Parkhead Gardens

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June - Parkhead Gardens in pictures

We have just had a heat wave and for the first time this year I was gardening wearing a sun hat! Unfortunately, the sunny spell only lasted for a few days and we are back to cool, wet weather. Maybe the forecast will come true and the promise of sun will return soon...please!


June bookings for Parkhead Garden visits are flooding in, so my time is spent keeping all the beautiful plants looking at their best.

I have just been told that my bees are ready for delivery, so I am delighted and also very excited. It could have been earlier but as I am expecting several large groups from The Hardy Plant Society to visit Parkhead Gardens over this weekend I have postponed the Bees' arrival until they have been. Bees need to settle in and I need to be calm on their arrival.

The summer sun and warmth did wonders for everything, so we have a series of pictures for you to see all that is in flower at the moment.